Maccabee (ALAA – 039537) Maccabee is large medium-sized labradoodle with an even bigger personality. She has a dark caramel, open curl fleece coat and a beautiful square conformation. She is 20” tall and [...]


Angus (ALAA #047260) Angus is a new member to the Ashford Manor family. He is a stunning red color, a perfect 50 pounds! He thinks he is a puppy and lays his head [...]


PINE LODGE COLORADO’S JACKSON KOBE – (ALAA – 044574) Red Rock Doodles Cinnamon Chai Dolce and Pine Lodge Colorado’s Jackson Kobe are planning a rendezvous in the near future and we are accepting reservations [...]

Teaching Your Puppy Not to Jump When Greeting

It can be very difficult to "unteach" bad behavior. If you want your puppy to appropriately greet guests, it is best to teach your puppy what is expected of him when he is greeting people. [...]

Leptospirosis – Puppy health information

This FYI is not meant to scare you, but to make you aware of a growing disease that can affect humans and animals. It can be carried in the urine of other animals and inhaled [...]