Jill M

Jane, Jade appeased us by wearing her party hat and loved her cake! Thanks so much for providing her to our chaotic life!  As much stress as the first 6mos created,  when I hear Darius tell Jade, “I’m gonna love you forever. ..” my heart melts and I thank Santa for the joy!!


Hi Jane, So good to hear from you! Saw on your posting that Latte is soon to be expecting. It so exciting. We have been watching closely as we LOVE Dunkin so much. He really is such a wonderful dog, we feel so blessed. As for Dunkin, he is absolutely wonderful. I’m not sure how …

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Hi Jane, As always, thank you for the email and all the valuable information! And thanks for the picture of Getty, I’m thinking Dunkin might be Getty look alike! 😉 We are having so much fun with Dunkin. He is a puppy through and through but so fun. Mark has taken countless pictures of him …

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We are getting very excited!  It’s hard not being able to share the excitement with our 2 daughters, but surprising them on Sunday (K’s birthday) will be worth the wait!


Hello Jane, Phil is doing great! We just love him to death. He has grown so much and is just so smart.

Chris M.

Hi Jane 🙂 Well…. where to start with Tucker…… 🙂 ONE WORD….”ENERGY!!!” He starts out every morning with 4-5 big LOUD stretches, then after a little potty break, he is wound for sound! Almost every morning includes several laps around the living room, followed by lots of ball fetching in the back yard. Let me …

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