Chris M.

Hi Jane 🙂

Well…. where to start with Tucker…… 🙂 ONE WORD….”ENERGY!!!” He starts out every morning with 4-5 big LOUD stretches, then after a little potty break, he is wound for sound! Almost every morning includes several laps around the living room, followed by lots of ball fetching in the back yard. Let me tell you, his eye-mouth coordination is incredible, Tucker is obsessed with his ball! He has trained very easily. He is a huge blessing, Sara still claims the he is the best present she has ever received. As far as his hair texture, he is as soft as a velvet blanket, he actually is so soft, that when you pet him, you build up static electricity very easily, kind of funny actually! He does NOT shed, which is awesome!!! All I would tell a new potential owner, would be to prepare for lots of energy! Well Jane, thanks again for giving us such a wonderful addition to the family.