Labradoodle Mom
Espresso is our first labradoodle that lived to the age of 13+ years. She loved to chase the ball, swim and run. We really miss her! She is now retired from breeding. She is a First Generation (F1) ALAA registered Labradoodle owned by Red Rock Doodles of Colorado Springs. She is the offspring of a Purebred AKC Registered Chocolate Labrador (Abby’s Chocolate Kisses VII) and a Purebred AKC Registered Apricot Standard Poodle (Pooadors Chewbaca). Espresso, a well loved member of our family, is an expressive, energetic, loving and protective family pet with a beautiful low-shed wavy combination hair/fleece coat, typical of many first generation labradoodles. She is an exceptional runner and retriever of balls and toys. Current Health Clearances: PennHIP “90th Percentile” –Elbows “Clear” – CERF “Normal”, Espresso is DNA Coat Color “bbEe” meaning that she is brown and carries the cream gene.