Hi Jane,

As always, thank you for the email and all the valuable information! And thanks for the picture of Getty, I’m thinking Dunkin might be Getty look alike! 😉

We are having so much fun with Dunkin. He is a puppy through and through but so fun. Mark has taken countless pictures of him because he has so many cute faces and funny poses. We had some big first’s <!–more–>today, all very exciting. He had his first vet visit to his new vet. She said says he is a great dog, everything looks good and looks like all of his incisions from the surgeries have healed extremely well. We also had a big shocker as he weighed in at a whopping 19 lbs!!! He is going to be a big boy! Dunkin also learned how to go up and down the back steps today. It is only 4 steps but it is a big deal as these are the steps he needs to go down to get to the back door to go outside. He’s done really well with the potty training but when he couldn’t go down the stairs he couldn’t tell us he REALLY had to go which led to a “whoops” here and there. Hopefully that will all end now that he can tell us when he needs to go “hurry hurry”!

He also had his first ‘doodle party’ last week. We introduced him to two other doodle puppies that are few months older than he is. At first they were running over him, but once he got comfortable he was hanging with the big boys.

Thank you again Jane for keeping in contact. I attached what is my current favorite picture of Dunkin, but I’m sure Mark can send you many more if you’d like.

Thanks and hope all is well.