Hi Jane,

So good to hear from you!

Saw on your posting that Latte is soon to be expecting. It so exciting. We have been watching closely as we LOVE Dunkin so much. He really is such a wonderful dog, we feel so blessed.

As for Dunkin, he is absolutely wonderful. I’m not sure how many of the other pups from his litter you have seen or gotten feedback on but we can tell you, Dunkin is the FLEECIEST dog we or anyone that touches him has ever seen/touched. He is so soft. We are learning that this can be challenging as the hair get’s matted very easily….but we have found two great groomers that keep him in tip top shape. We did give him a short summer cut as he was so hot.

He has a wonderful disposition. He loves people and children, super playful and is wonderful with other dogs. He did find his bark, 😉 but only uses it when he is scared or is “protecting” us. It’s strange though because it is such a deep bark/howl, we are surprised that it comes from this adorable dog. He is a quick learner and when we train him on something he picks it up very quickly. We are still working on the Reliable recall but for the most part stay’s close to us when not on a leash.

We have a few new pictures we will send your way when we down load them. He has so many adorable expressions.

Can you tell we LOVE him? 🙂

Hope you are having a wonderful summer!