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Red Rock Doodle Moms

Maccabee (ALAA – 039537)

Maccabee is large medium-sized labradoodle with an even bigger personality. She has a dark caramel, open curl fleece coat and a beautiful square conformation. She is 20” tall and weighs 45 lbs. Her sweet and gentle nature has had a calming influence on our family, though her expressive and playful nature makes outings a joy. She loves the great outdoors from hikes through the North Carolina Appalachians, to quiet trips to the dog park. Maccabee is a great runner, and enjoys playing ball with her older brother Getty. She is extremely curious and friendly towards dogs and people alike, spending time to greet everyone she meets – frequently going so far as to request belly rubs from complete strangers. She particularly enjoys meeting people wearing shorts or those who have donned scarves, meeting a scarf-wearing person in shorts would make her day. Maccabee is eager to please, and learns very quickly, though is more praise-oriented than treat-oriented. While alert and protective, she will generally give new people and dogs the benefit of the doubt. After a long day of meeting new people and playing catch, Maccabee is a very quiet indoor dog. She happily entertains herself by chewing on her toys or teasing her older brother. In the evenings, she is content to just curl up beside her human companions on the couch for some Netflix before bed.

Name: Red Rock Doodles Maccabee
Variety: Australian Labradoodle ALAA # 039537
Microchip # 981020011398495
Size: 42#, 20″
Color: Caramel (brown nose)
Coat: Wavy Fleece
Origin: Red Rock Doodles
Dam: Linder Crème Brulee Latte – ALAA# 022684  Color – Chocolate, Phantom Sable
Sire: ArborGate’s King of the Mountain (Gunnison)    ALAA #022256   Color – Red
DOB: 3-Sep-14
Health Clearances: Pennhip 90% Left – 0.25, Right – 0.25 Elbows OFA Certified Free PRA Clear by Parentage
EIC – Clear
DNA Profile – on File

Cinnamon Dolce – (ALAA # 050836)

“Dolce” (pictured) entered this world on May 13, 2016. Dolce is a beautiful, athletic, and sweet tempered girl. She loves to snuggle up with her human parents and has brought us many laughs with her good-natured and playful antics. Dolce, who lives with a guardian family in Colorado Springs, is a confident, energetic, loving and protective family pet with a beautiful phantom chocolate and red low-shed wavy fleece coat. She is an avid runner, loves to retrieve balls and entertains herself quietly with her toys.

A small standard labradoodle, Dolce measures 21″ in height and 40 pounds of lovable doodle.  Dolce’s current Health Clearances include: CERF “Normal”, PennHips 90% (L – 0.33, R – 0.3)  and OFA Elbows “Normal”, vWD “Clear”, PRA/Prcd “Clear”, EIC “Clear”.

FireFighter of Hope Farm Labradoodles is Dolce’s proud father. FireFighter is a handsome ALAA Registered (ALAA-037564) Multigenerational Standard Australian Chocolate Labradoodle with a gentle disposition. He currently lives in at a fire station in North Carolina where he works with fellow fire fighters to teach children to ‘Stop! Drop! and Roll!” as well as other fire safety tips. His current Health Clearances: CERF “Normal”, vWD “Clear”, PRA/Prcd “clear”, PennHip 90%( Left – 0.3, Right – 0.3) OFA Elbows “Normal”. FireFighter is also DNA profiled, and is DNA coat Color “bbEe” meaning that he is brown and carries the cream gene; FireFighter also carries the Parti, Sable, and Phantom genes.

Red Rock Doodles Maccabee is Dolce’s mother. Maccabee is an ALAA Registered (ALAA-039537) multigenerational medium-sized dark caramel Australian labradoodle. Maccabee has a extremely gentle, calm, and loving personality… combined with a desirable square build. Maccabee has a wonderful open curl fleece coat. Current Health Clearances: CERF “Clear”, PennHips 90% (L – 0.3, R – 0.3)  and OFA Elbows “Normal”, vWD “Clear”, PRA/Prcd “Clear”, EIC “Clear”.

Name: Red Rock’s Cinnamon Dolce
Variety: Multigen Labradoodle ALAA #050836
Microchip # 981020015918589
Size: 40#, 21″
Color: Chocolate carrying cream (bbEe) – Carries Phantom
Coat: Fleece
Origin: Red Rock Doodles
Dam: Red Rock’s Maccabee – ALAA# 039537
Sire: Hope Farm’s FireFighter – ALAA# 037564
DOB: 13-May-16
Health Clearances: Pennhip 90% Left – 0.33, Right – 0.3
CERF – Normal
Elbows OFA Certified Free
PRA Clear by Parentage