Labradoodle Referral – Jett

Jett is very sleepy in this picture, but he’s full of fun loving energy during the day. He is usually right at my right side or within a few feet of me at all times – very attached to me, but loves to have fun with the boys or harass Poppy. She puts up with him and finds comfort in his presence, but can still put him in his place when needed. He watches her and often mimics her. When we board them or on the occasion they go to doggie daycare, they stick together. She doesn’t hear or see quite as well these days, so sometimes when I call them inside, he’ll come running but she will still be out in the yard. I’ll say, “Where’s Poppy? Go get her!” And he’ll take off and herd her back to the house. (We have an invisible fence)

He is a beautiful dog – incredible stature, strong body, big chest, uniform coat, big, cute pink nose and runs very fast. He loves his routines. Chews through any toy, but is not destructive with anything else. He has such a big thick coat that he is often still hot here in Wisconsin. He loves the snow and often likes to lie down on our deck in a big pile of fresh snow. (He never stays out long in the summer!) He is very oral – sounds weird but he has to lick or mouth everything. A little off-putting to visitors, but we all laugh about it. Fortunately, he has given up his taste for socks – but that took quite a while! He loves food, but no longer inhales it. He pauses in between bites to look out the window – kind of savoring his meals now. He is pretty impulsive and playful and always makes us laugh. He weighs close to 65lbs now.

Poppy is 10 now! If only my weight could be as steady as hers. She fluctuates between 46-48lbs. Been like that for years. She is a little stiff after sleeping nowadays and likes to sleep in. She’s still a bit of a picky eater, but we all have such a sweet spot for her that we always find just a tiny little nibble in our fridge to entice her. She loves for people to hold her paw and rub them – very dainty, and she makes friends with visitors quickly. She really likes to lay on the couch beside me and put her head under my chin. She really likes to be close!!! Jett keeps her active and playful.

They both love car rides, though Poppy a bit more than Jett. He’s kind of a nervous Nellie at times and runs to back to me for reassurance in those situations, but has a loud thunderous bark if he sees people walking by from a distance. He warms up to newcomers quickly though. 😉

We just love these too. Jett is hysterical – just so goofy, and Poppy is the sweetest.

I cannot get over all these sweet puppies you have. Your daughter is helping you with breeding now? Who were Jett’s parents?

I am forever grateful for our furry family members. Thank you!

I hope you are doing well!

Betsy Bush