Before Your Puppy Arrives Home

The day you bring your puppy home will undoubtedly be filled with excitement and anticipation!  Preparing carefully before you bring your puppy home will result in a more relaxed atmosphere for both you and your puppy.  Red Rock Doodles is here to support our families in making this special day as stress-free as possible with appropriate preparation.  Check out our “Preparing For Your Puppy’s Arrival” on our website under the “Puppy” tab.  2023.Preparing-for-Your-Puppy-Go-Home (1)

Puppy proofing your home and the yard where your puppy will wander is essential.  Remove any items that your puppy should not have access to such as socks, shoes, underwear, cords, papers, households chemicals, plants, people food and dog food.

In your yard, think about all the things that might look interesting to chew on from the perspective of a puppy.  Remove from reach any hoses, pesticides, barbecue tools, patio furniture cushions, etc.

Now, create a safe place for your puppy.  I have successfully used crate training and the crate provides a safe place for your puppy to sleep and stay when you can’t supervise their activities for short periods of time.  Baby gates are ideal tools to block off areas of your home where you don’t want your puppy to wander unattended.

Create a short list of things your puppy needs:  Bowls for food and water, safe chew toys (Nylabones, rope toys, Kongs are good choices), identification tag, grooming brush and carpet cleaner for those inevitable “oops” moments.

Lastly, in advance of your puppy’s arrival, discuss responsibilities of all family members in the caretaking, exercising, training and feeding of your puppy.  Consistency is really important in the early weeks of your puppy’s time in his/her new home as routines are established.

Have fun and enjoy your new family member!