Puppies explore the world with their mouths and teeth.  Providing them with appropriate puppy chew toys will keep your shoes, rugs and wood furniture intact, not to mention your hands and limbs.  I will never forget the time I returned home to find the entire side of a brand new couch in shreds!  This kind of destructive chewing can be avoided by providing your puppy with appropriate chew toys and a safe environment where they can’t get into trouble.

For the first 6 to 8 months of their life, puppies are teething and will experience mouth discomfort.  Chewing can help relieve tender gums.  Puppies chew for a variety of reasons besides mouth discomfort in the teething period.  They could be bored, seeking attention or even experiencing separation anxiety.  Whatever the reason, it is important to provide them with things you want them to chew or you may find them chewing on things you don’t want them chewing.  Biting and chewing is natural for your puppy and they will not be able to distinguish what is yours and what is theirs.

My favorite puppy chew toys include rope toys, kongs and nylabones because of their durability.  The kongs are nice because you can fill them with kibble mixed with peanut butter, freeze them and then give it to them in their kennel when you are away for a while.  It will provide a nice diversion for your puppy.

Puzzle type interactive toys that hide treats are also a great option providing mental stimulation as well as interactive fun for your puppy.  Search the web for interactive dog puzzle toys.  Zanies and Kong are two brands you might explore.  www.petedge.com ZaniesJACKANDBALLtoy

My girls would tear apart stuffed toys and leave the stuffing everywhere, but these new stuffing-free toys seem to remain intact and keep them quite entertained.

I don’t give my dogs rawhide mostly because it gives them terrible gas and sometimes diarrhea.  🙁  but I have found that antlers and hooves have given them hours of chewing enjoyment.