“Ruby” as we call her is a wonderful mom and loving companion.  She loves to be wherever we are which could be hiking, biking or swimming in Oak Creek. She loves to chase the ball but her favorite position is “outfield” where she waits for the ball to come to her.  Ruby attained her therapy […]

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Red Rock Doodles Cayenne, or “Waffles” as her guardian family calls her is a gentle honey of a girl.  Born August 23, 2018, she is super mellow and easy going with a gorgeous silky soft red coat.  She enjoys playing with her son “Biscuit” and her human family. See My Pedigree Name:      Red

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Maccabee is large medium-sized labradoodle with an even bigger personality. She has a dark caramel, open curl fleece coat and a beautiful square conformation. She is 20” tall and weighs 45 lbs. Her sweet and gentle nature has had a calming influence on our family, though her expressive and playful nature makes outings a joy.

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