The Eaton Family

Hi Jane,

Amias is now 50# and about 22-23″ tall (to his back).  The vet thinks he could get to 65-70 lbs at the 1 year mark.  He has white hairs growing here and there throughout his coat with the most coming out on his tail.  Beautiful curly brown fleece which has earned him the nickname “Hasselhoff” after David Hasselhoff and his curly hair when he played in “Night Rider” in the ’80s.

He loves the cold and the snow.  We keep the bird feeders full since he enjoys watching the birds from our back porch.  He “watches” things a lot almost like a little scientist.  He’s learning to trot next to my bike for short distances and continues to learn the names of simple objects (and how to “get it”).

He literally goes everywhere with me and is getting use to a variety of social/public places.  He is well known at our Natural Grocer and gets lots of attention at Bella’s jujitsu studio.  Everyone loves him, and people are always so amazed that he is only 6 months old because of how calm and well behaved he is.

He’s received a formal invite once fully trained from Bella’s pediatric dentist to help a few kids who are terrified of the dentist.  I plan on getting some extra help soon from a trainer experienced at training military, therapy, and service dogs.

His overall personality is very kind, playful, brave, smart, and loving.  He is truly the best dog I have ever had!  We love him soooooo much!

Thank for such a wonderful friend!