The Hetrick Family

We chose Red Rock Doodles for our first dog (Koa) as Jane had an excellent history of breeding family dogs. During the selection phase, we appreciated the personal questions Jane asked to help pair us with the perfect pup (Koa). Koa is now a cornerstone of our family and is everything we want in a dog as he is playful, gentle, quiet, well-behaved, and intelligent. Once we brought home Koa, we could not help but notice that he seemed a little lonely. So after having Koa for a few months, we called Red Rock Doodles to see if we could get a second pup (Amber). These two dogs are inseparable and everywhere we take the dogs be it runs, hikes, bike rides, everyone stops and comments on how beautiful and well behaved the dogs are. You cannot put a price on the happiness that these two Red Rock Doodles have brought us since bringing them home.

Adrienne and Luke Hetrick